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ATA Developed Software Featured in Aviation Week

ATA Engineering’s ship data transfer software featured in Aviation Week

SAN DIEGO, Calif., Jul. 17, 2012 – ATA’s ship design data transfer tool, ShipPDX, has been featured in the Aerospace Daily & Defense Report of Aviation Week magazine, one of the best-known publications for the commercial and defense aerospace industries.

At the 2012 Navy Opportunity Forum for companies with U.S. Navy Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) contracts, ATA presented the latest developments to the new software, which enables the transfer of complete product model data for ship design from various design tools to the Navy’s Leading Edge Architecture for Prototyping Systems (LEAPS) database.

As Aviation Week noted, ShipPDX will fulfill part of a broader Navy objective of acquiring all data needed to support its ships throughout their entire life cycle. The primary obstacle the Navy has faced in this effort has been that none of the design tools used by its supplier shipyards and naval architects provide ready access to the data in the form needed by the Navy’s own software tools. At present, data can only be transferred manually, a massive duplication of effort that is time-consuming, error-prone, and prohibitively expensive. ShipPDX is designed to automate this process, with the potential to save tremendous cost and effort for the US Navy over the coming years.

The software is currently being tested with data for the new DDG-1000 Zumwalt destroyers, and it may soon be applied to other vessels as well. Click here to read the full article.