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Three ATA engineers presented and demonstrated at this year's conference
Enhancements include simplified results partitioning, improved FRF estimation, and more
Popular Science article emphasizes the risks and rewards of the upcoming Perlan 2 flight.
ATA Engineering, in conjunction with the Femap development team, is hosting the upcoming 2016 Femap Symposium Series.
ATA’s Engine Air Brake shows potential to support next-generation quiet aircraft goals.
ATA is assisting in the development of the groundbreaking Perlan 2 space glider.
Enhancements include updated coordinate system ID and element type numbering, StartImat for beginners, and more.
ATA Engineers recognized for their contribution to the success of the Orion program.
Mr. Brouwer brings more than 28 years of design and analysis experience to ATA Engineering.
ATA sponsored a recent UCSD student capstone project to design a shock test machine as one of many collaborations with the university.