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ATA has been a leader in methods development for design, analysis, and test for more than 40 years. As a result of this experience, ATA regularly produces technical papers and presents at conferences. Our technical papers draw on our vast industry experience and cover topics in all areas of ATA business. Learn more about our work by requesting a technical paper.

Rezayat, M. Introduction to VRML and Its Relevance to SDRC. Mohsen’s Seminar, Feb 1997.
Rezayat, M. Feature Modeling and Its Relevance to SDRC. Mohsen’s Seminar, Feb 1997.
Rezayat, M. Web: The Next Generation. Mohsen’s Seminar, Feb 1997.
Rezayat, M. I-DEAS/Metaphase Data Server/Publisher. Mohsen’s Seminar, Feb 1997.
Smith, K., and C. Peng. Mars Pathfinder Entry, Descent, and Landing System: Design Concept and Simulation of System Dynamics. 14th Aerodynamic Decelerator Systems Technology Conference, San Francisco, CA, Jun 1997.
Smith, K.S., and C. Peng. Air Mass Effects on the Cassini High Gain Antenna. IMAC XV, 1997.
Stokes, W., J. Bretl, A. Crewe, W.S. Park, J.Y. Lee, and M.S. Lee. Computer Simulation of In-Vehicle Boom Noise. SAE Noise and Vibration Conference, Traverse City, MI, May 1997.
Vold, H., H. Herlufsen, M. Mains, and D. Corwin-Renner. Multi Axle Order Tracking with the Vold-Kalman Tracking Filter. Sound and Vibration, 1997.
Brillhart, R., D. Hensley, and M. Stabb. Pegasus XL FIN Dynamic Characterization for Flutter Evaluation. 14th International Modal Analysis Conference, Dearborn, MI, Feb 1996.
Brillhart, R., D. Hensley, and R. LeBlanc. Gulfstream V Ground Vibration Test – Aid in Concurrent Engineering. 14th IMAC, Dearborn, MI, Feb 1996.
Craig, R. R., Jr., and E. L. Blades. Substructure System Identification-Reduced Order Models. 3rd International Conference on Dynamics and Control of Structures in Space, Cranfield, England, 1996.
Craig, R., Jr., E. Blades, and W. Cutshall. A Reduced-Order Substructure System Identification Method. AIAA-1996-1200. Dynamics Specialists Conference, 1996.
Dillon, M., B. Fladung, and D. Brown. Improved Impact Testing Throughput by Using a 3D Digitizing System. International Modal Analysis Conference, 1996.
Fladung, W.A., and R.W. Rost. Cause and Effect of Applying the Exponential Window to an Impact Force Signal. International Modal Analysis Conference, 1996.
Flanigan, C., M. Stabb, and R. Pinkham. Aeroelastic Design and Analysis of Winged Launch Vehicles. AIAA Dynamics Specialists Conference, Salt Lake City, UT, Apr 18-19, 1996.
Redcay, J. CAD Comes to Cycling. Apr 1996.
Stabb, M., R. Brillhart, C. Flanigan, and R. Pinkham. Aeroelastic Analysis and Test of the Pegasus XL Launch Vehicle. 16th Aerospace Testing Seminar, Manhattan Beach, CA, Mar 12-14, 1996.


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