Case Studies

Client Use Cases of ATA Engineering Services

ATA has a number of case studies detailing the successful engineering projects on which we've collaborated with clients. Browse the case studies below for examples of our breadth of skills and knowledge.


Loads and Dynamic Analysis of Spacecraft for Human Spaceflight

Lockheed Martin Space (LMS) is under contract to provide NASA with a spacecraft capable of enabling human exploration farther into our solar system than ever before. ATA Engineering, Inc., (ATA) has provided key design, analysis, and testing support for the Orion program since its infancy in 2005 when it was called the Crew Exploration Vehicle as […]


Loads Modeling of the K-1 Launch Vehicle

Kistler Aerospace was a private company whose mission was to develop a completely new reusable launch vehicle designed to dramatically reduce the cost of launching low-Earth-orbit communications satellites. Kistler was responsible for system integration, with several subcontractors supplying the various components of the vehicle.


Modal Testing of Wind Turbines

Sandia National Laboratories (SNL), in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy and Texas Tech University, constructed the Scaled Wind Farm Technology (SWiFT) facility in Lubbock, Texas. SNL developed SWiFT to enable rapid, cost-efficient testing and development of transformative wind energy technology.


Multi-Input Multi-Output Component Qualification Testing

Vibration testing is used in many industries to qualify components and evaluate performance. ATA has developed a multi-input multi-output (MIMO) shaker control system capable of controlling multiple degrees of freedom simultaneously using standard electrodynamic shakers, allowing test articles to be subjected to a diverse set of testing environments simultaneously in multiple degrees of freedom.


Multiphysics Coupled Analysis Capabilities for Hypersonic Vehicle Structures

ATA has developed a high-fidelity, tightly integrated multiphysics analysis capability for performing coupled aerothermal-structural simulation of hypersonic vehicle structures. ATA’s methods leverage a set of coupled software tools created to model the response of these structures in extreme flight environments at both the global level of the full flight vehicle and the local level of […]


Optimization of Spacecraft Composite Reflectors

Orbital ATK (formerly Composite Optics, Inc.) is a provider of advanced composite products for the space and aerospace markets. One of Orbital ATK’s core businesses is large, shaped reflector assemblies for the telecommunications industry.


Prediction of Wind Drag on a Semi-Trailer

Trinity Trailer has a unique design for their Eagle Bridge semi-trailer. It does not have the typical “boxy” shape of the more conventional trailers, and as a result there is a certain amount of structure exposed to the wind.


Pretest Acoustic Analysis of Orion E-STA

The Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle is NASA’s first spacecraft designed for long-duration, human-rated deep-space exploration. Orion is being designed to eventually transport humans beyond low Earth orbit to destinations such as the Moon and Mars and return them safely to Earth. Glenn Research Center (GRC) supported the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle program with vibroacoustic testing […]


Reducing Cygnus Spacecraft Ground Transportation Loads

The Cygnus spacecraft is an unmanned resupply spacecraft. Vivace was contracted to design and build a unique vertical ground transporter for the Cygnus spacecraft.


Sculpture Stress Analysis and Design Support

Internationally renowned sculptor Matt Devine produced a large art piece for the front courtyard of the corporate headquarters of a San Francisco Bay Area company. At about fifteen feet tall, the freestanding welded steel art installation required analysis to ensure that, as installed, it does not pose a risk to the viewing public. ATA assessed […]


George M. Low Award Recipient

ATA is a proud recipient of the prestigious George M. Low award, NASA’s premier quality
and performance award recognizing contractors for technical and business excellence.