Case Studies

Client Use Cases of ATA Engineering Services

ATA has a number of case studies detailing the successful engineering projects on which we've collaborated with clients. Browse the case studies below for examples of our breadth of skills and knowledge.


Thermal and Shock Analysis of an RPS for Deep Space Missions

ATA provided Hi-Z Technology with thermal and shock analysis support to validate the design of their radioisotope power supply (RPS) developed for NASA. The RPS was designed to survive high g-level impact and to provide steady electrical power and heat for surrounding system components. ATA helped Hi-Z reach an optimal thermal and structural design by […]


Thermal and Structural Design of a Low-Profile Dual-Band Antenna

ThinKom Solutions, Inc., a provider of compact antenna solutions for aeronautical, on-the-move, and portable applications, contracted ATA to provide design and analysis support for a compact dual-band antenna system.


Thermal and Structural Design of Li-Ion Batteries

EaglePicher Technologies is a leading producer of batteries and energetic devices for the defense, space, and commercial industries. In particular, EaglePicher is a leading developer and supplier of lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries to satellite manufacturers.


Thermal Design of an Automated Washlight

The PanaBeam™XR2 is a 1,200 W high-performance automated washlight from Morpheus Lights for professional users in the entertainment industry. It features a combination of beam modification and motion control capabilities using a high-performance drive system.


Uni-Systems Load Monitoring

ATA installed over 200 strain gages at planned locations on the load bogies and counter-balance trolleys supporting all eight petals of the operable roof developed by Uni-Systems Engineering for Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. Uni-Systems and facility personnel continue to rely on this system to guarantee the longevity of the operable roof’s drive system.


Verification and Validation of Titan Centaur Loads

The Titan Centaur, a high-performance upper stage for the Titan IV launch vehicle, was developed by Lockheed Martin Space Systems (LMSS) and used primarily to launch Air Force payloads. Titan IV, as the nation’s largest, most powerful expendable space launch vehicle, provided primary access to space for critical national security and civil payloads and was […]


Veritrek Custom Process Automation Software Development

Veritrek software, developed by Redwire Space, enables exploration, verification, and improvement of thermal designs with speed and accuracy that are not feasible with traditional analysis techniques. ATA supported Redwire Space with Veritrek development by creating custom software that utilizes the Cullimore & Ring Thermal Desktop application programming interface to automatically interrogate and sample the design […]


WB-57 Gross Weight Increase Program

NASA operates three WB-57F Canberra aircraft for high-altitude research and development missions. Recognizing an opportunity to greatly increase the utility of these aircraft, NASA contracted ATA Engineering to provide support for a gross weight increase program.


Wind Load Analysis for a Parabolic Dish Antenna

Wasatch Composite Analysis was under contract to provide structural analysis of a composite parabolic dish used in an antenna design.


George M. Low Award Recipient

ATA is a proud recipient of the prestigious George M. Low award, NASA’s premier quality
and performance award recognizing contractors for technical and business excellence.