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ATA has been a leader in methods development for design, analysis, and test for more than 40 years.

As a result of this experience, ATA regularly produces technical papers and presents at conferences. Our
technical papers draw on our vast industry experience and cover topics in all areas of ATA business. Learn
more about our work by requesting a technical paper.
Iscold, P., and W. Fladung Aeroelastic Test of the Nixus FBW Sailplane. 39th International Modal Analysis Conference (IMAC), February 2021.
Najera-Flores, D., M. Ross, J. Freymiller, A. Brink, B. Reece, and J. Schneider Comparison of Weld Fatigue Methods and the Use of a Multi-Scale Method. IDETC-CIE Conference, August 2021.
Najera-Flores, D.A., C. Van Damme, and V. Harris Model Reduction of Geometrically Nonlinear Structures via Physics-Informed Autoencoders. IMAC XXXIX, Feb 2021.
Najera, D., and M. Todd Hamiltonian-Constrained Neural Networks for Modeling Nonlinear Structural Systems. Mechanistic Machine Learning and Digital Twins for Computational Science, Engineering & Technology, September 2021.
Najera, D., M. Russell, T. Board, J. Tran, E. O'Neill, L. Mackin, D. Melville, and E. Haag A Cohesive, Integrated Modeling and Simulation Workflow for Mechanical Response Characterization of Metallic Additively Manufactured Parts. US National Congress of Computational Mechanics, July 2021.
Rajamanickam, P., and A.D. Weiss Effects of Thermal Expansion on Taylor Dispersion-Controlled Diffusion Flames. Combustion Theory and Modelling 26, No. 1, October 2021, pp. 50-66.
Rajamanickam, P., and A.D. Weiss Steady Axisymmetric Vortices in Radial Stagnation Flows. Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics 74, No. 3, 2021, pp. 367-78.
Shah, P., A. Lee, D. Hensley, L. Schweizer, M. Yang, and D. Papamoschou Toward Efficient Propulsion Airframe Aeroacoustic Prediction Using High-Resolution Source Characterization and Modeling. AIAA SciTech Forum (virtual), January 2021.
Sprunt, A., and B. Childs Isolation Stage Systems Engineering. SCLV, June 21, 2021.
Van Damme, C., A. Madrid, M. Allen, and J. Hollkamp Simultaneous Regression and Selection in Nonlinear Modal Model Identification. Vibration vol. 4, pp. 232-47, 2021.
Yang, M., and T. Van Fossen Application of a Covariance-Based Approach for Material Failure Analysis for Vibroacoustic Analysis. Spacecraft and Launch Vehicle Dynamic Environments Workshop, June 21-23, 2021.
Antoun, G.G., S.-S. Lih, R. Nayeri, and C.-Y. Peng Refinements to the ADAMS Model of the Skycrane Event for the Mars 2020 Rover. AIAA SciTech 2020.
Brink, A.R., D.A. Najera-Flores, and C. Martinez The Neural Network Collocation Method for Solving Partial Differential Equations. Neural Computing and Applications, October 2020.
Clemen, L., and A. Beckerman Modeling Thermal Effects in DC-Motors Using Pseudo-Bond Graphs. Proceedings of Dynamic Systems and Control Conference, October 2020.


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ATA is a proud recipient of the prestigious George M. Low award, NASA’s premier quality
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