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Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) solutions have the potential to revolutionize urban mobility, but their complex nature introduces many challenges and risks that impact traditional development processes. From aerodynamics and propulsion to battery design and control systems, engineering teams are turning to modern design space exploration strategies to evaluate large design spaces and identify better-performing designs earlier in the process.

HEEDS is a powerful software package that speeds up design exploration through process automation, scalable computation, efficient and intelligent searching, and performance assessment to ensure that real-world goals are met. HEEDS can integrate with your existing workflows and software products to identify the best design configurations based on your requirements early in the product development cycle, and it can handle everything from simple components to complex multidisciplinary systems. With automated processes, HEEDS allows engineers to fully explore the design space by investigating hundreds or thousands of design variations.

This webinar will highlight how HEEDS can leverage design and simulation tools to accelerate UAV and eVTOL product design with virtual prototypes more quickly than can be achieved with physical testing. The Siemens team will discuss the technology and the benefits of HEEDS together with a worked example using Simcenter Amesim.