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Discover how system simulation with Siemens Simcenter Amesim empowers your team to understand and optimize new liquid-fueled rocket engine and thruster design concepts at any point in your design cycle.

The space exploration industry is in the midst of a renaissance. Developing the next generation of space vehicles will require the adoption of new conceptual methods. During this session, we will present the liquid propulsion analysis capabilities within the Simcenter system simulation portfolio through live demonstrations covering various types of rocket propulsion systems and analysis scenarios.

This live webinar will describe the use of Siemens Simcenter Amesim for Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) of different kinds of liquid-fueled rocket engine and thruster systems, which makes it possible for users to optimize designs even at very early conceptual design stages.

In this webinar, we will discuss the following topics:
– Seeing the big picture: What is system modeling and why does it matter?
– Understanding where system modeling belongs in the development cycle
– Employing multiple levels of fidelity simultaneously – accuracy where it is needed most
– Integrating subsystem models to handle even very large and complex systems
– Evaluating performance over a defined duty cycle or set of duty cycles

About the Speaker

  • Brian Benoy

    Siemens Digital Industries Software

    Brian Benoy is a senior solutions consultant at Siemens Digital Industries Software with more than 10 years of experience in physics-based system simulation, verification, and validation. He holds an MSEE from Mississippi State University and his BSEE from Kettering University. In his free time, he enjoys playing volleyball, being a rocket enthusiast, and trying to keep up with his two young boys.