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ATA Engineering Recognized by Wall Street Journal as One of the Top Small Workplaces for 2008

ATA Named as One of the Top 15 Small Workplaces by Wall Street Journal and Winning Workplaces

SAN DIEGO, Calif., Oct. 13, 2008 — ATA Engineering, Inc., (ATA), a nationwide provider of innovative, high-value test- and analysis-driven mechanical engineering design solutions, was recognized today as one of the Top Small Workplaces in the United States by the Wall Street Journal and Winning Workplaces, a nonprofit organization that works with small and midsize companies to create better work environments.

The annual Top Small Workplaces awards are presented to small businesses that have succeeded in building exemplary workplaces for their employees that directly contribute to growth and profitability. ATA was selected by a professional panel of workplace and small-business experts as one of the 15 Top Small Workplaces from a total of 782 eligible nominations. A complete list, including descriptions of each of the top 15 companies and the criteria for selection, can be found in a special supplement in the October 13th edition of the Wall Street Journal or at

“All of us here at ATA are very proud to have been selected as one of the Top Small Workplaces for 2008. We are particularly proud to have received an award that focuses so much on company culture, values, respect, and teamwork – the factors that have enabled us to ultimately deliver outstanding value to our customers and have fun doing it,” says Dr. Jeff Young, Chairman and General Manager of ATA.

ATA has recently opened new offices in Denver, Colorado, and Los Angeles, California, to address continuing growth and to meet the needs of local customers while expanding upon its high-value services to the aerospace, defense, industrial, entertainment, and electronics markets. In addition to its geographical expansion to locate more offices closer to its clients, ATA continues to make significant investment in the breadth and depth of the technical services it provides. This has included adding experts to its staff in the fields of acoustics, computational fluid dynamics, and design and analysis of advanced composite material structures.