Teamcenter helps you efficiently manage the increasing complexity of your products and organization with simplified, powerful product lifecycle management (PLM) tools.

Products, organizations, and supply chains are becoming increasingly complex, global and interconnected. Thousands of decisions may need to be made to create a product with any of one of those decisions potentially defining whether the product will be a success or a failure. PLM tools bring together all of the product information and processes you need in one centralized system allowing you to deliver increasingly complex products faster and streamline operations whether they be local or global.

  • Teamcenter Rapid Start: Faster Time to Value

  • Teamcenter X: Cloud-Based Teamcenter for your Enterprise

Teamcenter Rapid Start gets you up and running with PDM quickly and cost effectively.

The Teamcenter® Rapid Start configuration delivers Teamcenter, the most widely implemented product data management (PDM) solution, preconfigured to leverage common best practices and the expertise of Siemens Digital Industries Software. By choosing preconfigured capabilities, you can minimize the costs of consulting and maintenance, enabling you to immediately realize the benefits of PDM with confidence that you have a growth path to full-featured product lifecycle management (PLM) when you need it.

Teamcenter Rapid Start provides multi-CAD data management capabilities that enable you to effectively and efficiently manage, control, and share mechanical CAD data across your entire design and supply chain. Supporting the most popular CAD tools, this environment provides a single view of your product data and delivers preconfigured workflows for a wide range of CAD and non-CAD document types for document management and change management, including check in/out, reviews, comments, audits, approvals, and more.

Teamcenter Rapid Start offers preconfigured groups and roles that you can use to simplify common tasks. The user interface is tailored to each individual user by only showing menu options and applications required for their job, reducing the user learning curve and improving overall usability.

With Teamcenter Rapid Start, you can quickly create real value for your business, starting with what you need now and growing over time. Once Teamcenter Rapid Start is up and running, you can add Teamcenter capabilities as you need them. You can then follow the proven Teamcenter path to PLM success, targeting key areas of your business to optimize performance.

Standard Features: 

  • Document Management 
  • Engineering Process and Data Management 
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) Management 
  • Manufacturing Process and Data Management 
  • Collaboration and CAD-Neutral Visualization 

Additional Available Options: 

  • MCAD and ECAD Integrations 
  • Change Management 
  • Classification 
  • Program Management 
  • Requirements Management 
  • Schedule Management 

Teamcenter® is also available in a fully hosted, cloud-based implementation called Teamcenter X. Teamcenter X is a cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery option for instant-on Teamcenter adoption. Created with innovators in mind, Teamcenter X helps companies get up and running quickly so they can grow. Requiring only an internet connection, Teamcenter X is easy to deliver and easy to use for people across your business so they can participate in PLM processes. Teamcenter X is preconfigured with best-practice workflows, statuses, groups, and roles to streamline and automate common PLM processes like design release and change—not only for engineers but also decision-makers throughout the product lifecycle.  

Teamcenter X delivers modern cloud technology and a wide range of scalable cloud solutions with years of industry expertise built in. Teamcenter X helps companies of all sizes quickly realize value without requiring the information technology (IT) resources traditionally associated with PLM deployments. Companies now have the convenience of choosing from preconfigured engineering and business solutions that deliver immediate results with the option to add more capabilities as their business needs grow and evolve. 

Teamcenter X is ideal for today’s distributed enterprises and innovative start-ups, with employees, suppliers, customers, and stakeholders spread all over the world. All it takes is internet access to securely access product information and easily collaborate on processes across the business. The easy-to-use, easy-to-access web client is ideal for any user across the business who needs access to product information and processes. Integration with a wide range of MCAD and ECAD tools enables TeamcenterX to be used by busy designers and engineers within their familiar daily working tools. 

Teamcenter allows you to:

  • Manage the BOM lifecycle

  • Manage product documentation and technical publications

  • Manage all of your complex mechanical, electronics, software, and simulation data in a single environment

  • Manage your PLM processes

  • Collaborate with suppliers around the world

  • Improve service operations

  • Ensure compliance by defining, managing, and tracing customer requirements across the entire product lifecycle

Its streamlined and intuitive PLM user interface accommodates a wide range of users from power users, such as engineers and designers, to mobile workers who need access to Teamcenter away from their desks, to executives or sales and marketing team members who want to quickly see the big picture and make smarter decisions.

With Teamcenter as the single source for generating and managing requirements documents you can transform your business processes, reduce time and effort, improve quality, and ensure products perform as expected

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