Engineering Services That Meet the Challenge

What do ATA customers value about our engineering solutions?

ATA customers value our cutting-edge tools and technological methods that help them fulfill project requirements more accurately and efficiently. They rely on our dedication to problem solving and our deep knowledge of regulatory and manufacturing requirements as well as current market and industry factors.

Where some engineering services companies send you one engineer, ATA assigns a cross-functional team, so your project benefits from the expertise of many different engineers, not just one. We work on a project basis, so you pay for support only as long as you need it. This approach lets you ramp up your resources to meet critical deadlines and eliminates downtime.

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Our highly accurate modeling of physical processes can lead to less conservative designs, which often means reduced weights and costs.



ATA engineers use advanced methods and industry best practices to perform rigorous and thorough analyses.



We have the tools, instrumentation, and expertise to test your product or structure under the most challenging conditions. Call on ATA for a full range of test services, including test-analysis correlation.


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