Simcenter Amesim

Simcenter Amesim

Drive Innovation and Optimize Performance
with System Simulation

As today’s products become increasingly complex, it is crucial to optimize designs and validate performance early in the design process. System simulation empowers design engineers to virtually evaluate a system’s performance upfront, allowing them to make better design decisions that ultimately improve overall product quality while reducing costs and development time.

  • includes more than


    components based on analytical representation of the physical phenomena

Simcenter Amesim is a leading integrated, scalable mechatronic system simulation platform that allows design engineers to assess and optimize a product’s mechanics, electronics, and software simultaneously as an integrated system. It can be leveraged from the early development stages through the final performance validation and controls calibration to drive innovation without compromising quality and time to market.

  • Application and Industry-Oriented Solutions

    Simcenter Amesim offers dozens of ready-to-use multiphysics libraries with more than 6,500 components based on analytical representation of the physical phenomena. These libraries have been developed and validated in cooperation with industry partners and are tailored to support automotive, aerospace, industrial machinery, heavy equipment, energy, and marine applications.


  • Valuable Insights

    Simcenter Amesim makes it easy for users to visualize and understand the dynamic behavior of a system, with plots in the temporal and frequency domains and 2D and 3D animations. Integrated design exploration tools enable optimization and design of experiments to identify the best options, and linear analysis capabilities make it possible to obtain meaningful conclusions on the dynamic behavior of systems that can be exploited to perform model reductions or study potential mechanical couplings.


  • Integration

    Simcenter Amesim offers an open environment that allows it to be integrated into existing processes. It can be easily coupled with major CAE, CAD, and control software packages, including those within Siemens’ Xcelerator and Simcenter portfolios. Users can also take advantage of efficient solutions for workflow customization, variant generation and configuration, and model and data management.


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