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ATA has been a leader in methods development for design, analysis, and test for more than 40 years. As a result of this experience, ATA regularly produces technical papers and presents at conferences. Our technical papers draw on our vast industry experience and cover topics in all areas of ATA business. Learn more about our work by requesting a technical paper.

Gokce, A., S. Flores, J. Buck, P. Follansbee, S. Violette, and J. Radjavitch. Simulating the Response of a Multidirectional Composite Material Using the Enhanced Binary Model. AIAA Scitech, Kissimmee, FL, January 2018.
Osterholt, D.J., and D. Cloutier. Using Manual Excitation for Large Displacement on a Highly Damped System. IMAC XXXVI, Orlando, FL, February 2018.
Schoneman, J. Modal Analysis of Hypersonic Aerostructural Systems. IMAC XXXVI, Orlando, FL, February 2018.
Schoneman, J., C. Ostoich, L. Jarman, C. Van Damme, and M.S. Allen Linear and Nonlinear Reduced-Order Modeling for Hypersonic Panel Flutter. AIAA SciTech, Kissimmee, FL, January 2018.
Blades, E. Validation and Application of Multiphysics Coupled Analysis Capability for Hypersonic Vehicle Structures. Hypersonic Vehicle Flight Prediction Workshop, Colorado Springs, CO, June 2017.
Blades, E.L., N.D. Reveles, M. Nucci, and M. MacLean. Simulations of an Eroding Graphite Nozzle via a Fully Coupled Aero- Thermochemical-Elastic Framework. 53rd AIAA/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference, Atlanta, GA, July 2017.
Blades, E.L., N.D. Reveles, M. Nucci, and M. MacLean. Fully Coupled Aero-Thermochemical-Elastic Simulations of an Eroding Graphite Nozzle. 64th JANNAF Propulsion Meeting / 31st Rocket Nozzle Technology Meeting, May 2017.
Blades, E.L., N.D. Reveles, M. Nucci, and R.S. Miskovish. A Computational Framework for the Analysis of an Aero-Thermochemical-Elastic Eroding Nozzle. SIMULIA Global Users Conference: Science in the Age of Experience, May 2017.
Briggs, C., D.C. Kammer, A. White, and D. Schwartz. Integration of Structural Uncertainty and Robust Control. AIAA SciTech, Grapevine, Texas, January 2017.
Crouch, T.N., D. Burton, Z.A. LaBry, and K.B. Blair. Riding Against the Wind: A Review of Competitive Cycling Aerodynamics. Sports Engineering, 2017.
Flores, S., A. Gokce, J. Buck, J. Davis, M. Porter, B. Sutton, and S. Violette. Predicting Nonlinear Response of Carbon-Based Composite Materials. National Space & Missile Materials Symposium, June 2017.
Kuether, R.J., and D. Najera. Parameter Estimation of Joint Models Using Global Optimization. IMAC XXXV, January 2017.
Kuether, R.J., and D.A. Najera. Modeling Nonlinear Energy Dissipation of the Ministack Assembly. Sandia Report SAND2017-10517, October 2017.
Maricic, L.L., and L.A. Tse. Effect of Solar Specularity and Ray-Tracing Modeling in NX Thermal Solver on Thermal Analysis of SWOT Mission. Thermal and Fluids Analysis Workshop, August 2017.
Mikellides, I.G., A.D. Steltzenr, B.K. Blakkolb, R.C. Matthews, P. Shah, and A. Robinson. The Viscous Fluid Mechanical Particle Barrier for the Prevention of Sample Contamination on the Mars 2020 Mission. Planetary and Space Science 142, 2017.
Miskovish, R.S., H. Matt, G. Williams, U. Duong, and L. Thomas. Thermal and Fluid Analysis of the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM). Thermal & Fluids Analysis Workshop, August 2017.


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