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ATA has been a leader in methods development for design, analysis, and test for more than 40 years. As a result of this experience, ATA regularly produces technical papers and presents at conferences. Our technical papers draw on our vast industry experience and cover topics in all areas of ATA business. Learn more about our work by requesting a technical paper.

Arya, M., D. Webb, S.C. Bradford, L. Adams, V. Cormarkovic, G. Wang, M. Mobrem, K. Neff, N. Beidleman, J.D. Stienmier, G. Freebury, K. Medina, D. Hepper, D. Turse, G. Antoun, C. Rupp, and L. Hoffman Origami-Inspired Optical Shield for a Starshade Inner Disk Testbed: Design, fabrication, and analysis. Proceedings of the AIAA SciTech Forum, January 2021.
Antoun, G.G., S.-S. Lih, R. Nayeri, and C.-Y. Peng Refinements to the ADAMS Model of the Skycrane Event for the Mars 2020 Rover. AIAA SciTech 2020.
Brink, A.R., D.A. Najera-Flores, and C. Martinez The Neural Network Collocation Method for Solving Partial Differential Equations. Neural Computing and Applications, October 2020.
Kerrian, P.A. A Comparison of Different Boundary Condition Correction Methods. Proceedings of the 38th International Modal Analysis Conference, 2020.
Kuether, R., and D. Najera Nonlinear Forced Response Synthesis with Quasi-Static Modal Analysis. Proceedings of the 38th International Modal Analysis Conference, 2020.
Liñán, A., P. Rajamanickam, A.D. Weiss, and A.L. Sánchez Taylor-Diffusion-Controlled Combustion in Ducts. Combustion Theory and Modelling, Sep. 2020.
Mikellides, I., P. Shah, A. Robinson, Z. Strimbu, M. Stricker, D. Bernard, and A. Stelzner Modelling and Simulations of Particle Resuspension and Transport for the Assessment of Terrestrial-borne Biological Contamination of the Samples on the Mars 2020 Mission. Planetary and Space Science 181, February 2020.
Najera-Flores, D.A., and R.J. Kuether A Study of Whole Joint Model Calibration Using Quasi-Static Modal Analysis. Journal of Vibration and Acoustics 142, No. 5, Oct 2020.
Najera, D., E. Jayson, T. Board, and D. Melville A Framework for Bayesian Calibration of Fiber-Reinforced Composite Material Properties. Proceedings of the American Society for Composites, 35th Technical Conference, 2020.
Napolitano, K., and M. Schmidt-Landin Proposed 12-DOF Shaker Control of BARC Structure. IMAC 2020.
Osterholt, D.J., and T. Kelly Ground Vibration Testing of the World’s Longest Wingspan Aircraft—Stratolaunch. IMAC XXXVIII, Houston, Texas, February 2020 .
Rajamanickam, P., and A.D. Weiss A Note on Viscous Flow Induced by Half-Line Sources Bounded by Conical Surfaces. The Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics, Feb. 2020, Vol 73, No 1, pp. 24-35..
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Spivey, N., R. Saltzman, C. Wieseman, K. Napolitano, and B. Smith Passive Aeroelastic Tailored Wing Modal Test Using the Fixed Base Correction Method. IMAC 2020.
Van Damme, C.I., M.S. Allen, and J.J. Hollkamp Evaluating Reduced Order Models of Curved Beams for Random Response Prediction Using Static Equilibrium Paths. Journal of Sound and Vibration 468, 2020.


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