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ATA has developed and packaged many stand-alone applications and tools that can be used by engineers to quickly and cost-effectively solve technical challenges. Developed programs include MATLAB® interfaces for analysis and test, as well as correlation, data mapping, and vibration solvers. Many of ATA’s tools can be used by ATA or our customers to quickly develop or implement custom capabilities for analysis or test. Augment your engineering tools with custom software programs developed in house by ATA.


ATA|Suite is the token-based licensing system for ATA Software. ATA|Suite annual licenses allow the user to run the products below individually or in combination, depending on the number of tokens purchased. ATA Software can also be purchased individually as perpetual licenses.


Stand-alone highly automated test-analysis correlation and model updating software tool which combines more than 30 years of experience in this field into a user-friendly, flexible, MATLAB®-based toolkit.


Automates the creation of a superelement representation of sloshing fluid in Nastran, greatly simplifying your model while capturing the fluid’s dynamics. It supports different fluid representations including options that explicitly represent the slosh modes for response analysis.


Interface between MATLAB, Analysis, Test is a suite of utilities which facilitates data sharing between MATLAB, analysis tools, and test software.


Provides an interface between test and simulation data and Microsoft Excel® through a graphical user interface that also provides plotting and math functions for engineering analysis beyond standard Excel capabilities. IMAT4XL is a convenient, standalone GUI that leverages ATA Engineering’s IMAT family of MATLAB® toolboxes.


PressMap is a pressure data interpolator from a CFD model to an I-deas®, NASTRAN, or (for PressMap 6.0.0 and higher) ABAQUS® FE model. PressMap takes data on discrete points over the surface of a structure and maps this data onto a structural model.


TempMap is a temperature data interpolator which maps temperatures from a “cloud” of points to an I-deas® or NASTRAN FE model. TempMap takes data on discrete points over the surface of a structure and maps this data onto an I-deas or NASTRAN structural model.


Vibrata is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, advanced dynamics toolkit to predict stress, deflection, and other responses to transient, harmonic, random, and response spectrum excitation.

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