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ATA Engineering Announces the Release of IMAT v5.1.0

Enhancements include import of groups from Femap, support for Abaqus 6.14-1 on Windows, and more

SAN DIEGO, Calif., March 31, 2015 — ATA is excited to announce the release of version 5.1.0 of the IMAT family of software products. IMAT is a MATLAB interface designed for test and analysis engineers who work with large engineering data sets. This release brings a number of exciting new enhancements to the powerful functionality available in IMAT.

ATA is committed to providing new IMAT releases in conjunction with new MATLAB releases. ATA Engineering designed IMAT v5.1.0 to work with MATLAB R2015a as well as previous releases back to R2012b.

Notable IMAT Upgrades:

New function readneu lets you hold on to the utility of your Femap groups and other useful FEM entities when importing data into MATLAB for further processing. IMAT is now able to read some datasets from Femap Neutral files, allowing you to keep certain components and results partitioned without having to recreate your groups

Enhancements to IMAT examples offer an easier way to create and modify test display models using Microsoft Excel. Creating a test display model for animating mode shapes can be tedious, especially if you do not have a FEM to start from. New functionality in the IMAT examples makes it easier to create and modify FEM connectivity using Excel spreadsheets and then import your model into MATLAB for display.

Notable IMAT+Modal Upgrades:

Alternative sensor optimization function in MTK provides greater control and insight in sensor selection. IMAT+Modal’s MTK now offers an alternative method to find the optimal set of sensors for your modal test. The new command-line function downselect_sensors uses Guyan reduction to pare away sensors in a continuous fashion, letting you determine when you’ve reached just the right number.

Automated effective mass computations in MTK save you time and effort. Whether you are determining target modes for a modal test or checking that structural mass has been effectively captured afterward, IMAT+Modal’s new function effmass now speeds up the task by automating effective mass computations, and also lets you easily export results to Excel.

Download IMAT v5.1.0

IMAT v5.1.0 is available to any IMAT user who is current with maintenance, enhance­ments, and support (ME&S). There is no cost for upgrading to v5.1.0. Customers can download the latest version here.

To upgrade your IMAT to version 5.1.0 or to learn more about these new features, please call Sherry at 858.480.2074, or send an email to [email protected].