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ATA Engineering Announces the Release of IMAT v8.2.0

Enhancements include a new method to quickly and accurately calculate vibration response spectra, a streamlined approach for converting data used for calculating section loads in coupled loads analyses, and the addition of a module for plotting shock response spectra.

SAN DIEGO, Calif., October 3, 2023 – ATA is excited to announce the release of version 8.2.0 of the IMAT family of software products. IMAT is a MATLAB toolbox designed for test and analysis engineers who process data from a variety of sources. This release brings a number of useful new enhancements to the powerful functionality available in IMAT.

ATA is committed to providing new IMAT releases in conjunction with new MATLAB releases. ATA Engineering designed IMAT v8.2.0 to work with MATLAB R2023b as well as previous releases back to R2020a. IMAT v8.2.0 also supports Abaqus 2022 and Femap 2306.

Notable IMAT Upgrades:

Quickly calculate vibration response spectra

The new Vibration Response Spectrum (vrs) method in IMAT’s imat_fn allows you to quickly and accurately calculate vibration response spectra from power spectral density (PSD) input, converting your random vibration PSD input to an equivalent shock response spectrum, while avoiding the often inaccurate assumptions of Miles’ equation. This method allows you to compare random vibration inputs to transient and sine vibration inputs and potentially replace a random vibration analysis with an approximate but much faster shock spectrum analysis.

Easily translate model data for CLA

IMAT now offers a streamlined approach for converting data used for calculating section loads in your coupled loads analyses with the function extse2result: translate your substructure model data for section load calculations with a single function call. IMAT function extse2result makes it simple to convert your substructure model data into the format required by sectionLoads in a single step, saving both time and effort, so you can focus on your interface results and not the process of translation.

Notable IMAT+Signal Upgrades:

Helpfully visualize your SRS test data

IMAT+Signal’s spVIEW has been enhanced with an SRS module for plotting shock response spectra. This convenient tool for plotting data from shock response spectrum testing lets you visually examine your test data, compare different test runs, and more.

Screenshot of SRS module plot
Get the picture of your SRS test data with spVIEW’s SRS module.


Download IMAT v8.2.0

IMAT v8.2.0 is available to any IMAT user who is current with maintenance, enhance­ments, and support (ME&S). There is no cost for upgrading to v8.2.0. Customers can download the latest version here. Please note that this version, like other recent versions, requires Sentinel RMS 9.7.0 or higher.

To upgrade your IMAT to version 8.2.0 or to learn more about these new features, please send an email to [email protected].