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ATA Engineering-Led Team Wins ASME John P. Davis Award

OSLO, Norway – On June 11, at the 2018 IGTI Turbo Expo, Dr. Parthiv Shah, ATA Engineering’s Technical Director of Fluid Dynamics and Propulsion, accepted the ASME 2016 John P. Davis Gas Turbine Applications Paper Award. The award was bestowed for the ATA-led 2016 IGTI Turbo Expo paper titled “Full-Scale Turbofan Demonstration of a Deployable Engine Air-Brake for Drag Management Applications.” This honor is awarded by ASME to papers that identify planning, installation, operating, and/or maintenance problems and their solutions in new or continuing gas turbine applications and exemplify candid exposure of real-world problems and solutions.

       Prof. Spakovszky (left) and Dr. Shah (right) accepting ASME John P. Davis award on behalf of the team from ASME Gas Turbine Segment Leader Dr. J. Szwedowicz (center)


The engineering team consisted of ATA engineers Dr. Parthiv Shah, Mr. Gordon Pfeiffer, and Dr. Rory Davis, along with partners Professor Zoltan Spakovszky of MIT and Mr. Thomas Hartley of Williams International. The paper, which also received the 2016 ASME Aircraft Engine Committee’s Best Paper Award (presented in 2017), discusses a novel aircraft drag management device that underwent a technology maturation effort through a series of ground tests performed on an FJ44-4A engine at Williams International Outdoor Test Facility #2 on October 5–12, 2015. This successful full-scale engine test of a prototype version of ATA’s Engine Air-Brake demonstrated the technology’s potential to support the goals of NASA and the aircraft industry for next-generation quiet aircraft.

   ATA’s Engine Air-Brake undergoing ground testing

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