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ATA Engineering Releases Loci/CHEM GitHub Page

SAN DIEGO, Calif., – September 12, 2019 – ATA is pleased to announce the creation of a GitHub page. ATA will use GitHub to host and maintain several modules created for the Loci/CHEM computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver. Loci/CHEM is a production-level CFD solver developed by Dr. Ed Luke at Mississippi State University (MSU). It is available at no cost from MSU to organizations qualified to handle information controlled under International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). ATA’s modules seamlessly add functionality to Loci/CHEM through the addition of physics models, creation/extension of boundary conditions, and inclusion of postprocessing conveniences.

Figure 1. Increase the power of Loci/CHEM simulations with ATA’s modules.

Over the past several years, ATA has helped improve Loci/CHEM through the development of modules that have become a part of the official software distribution (subGridScale, thickenedFlame, nonreflecting), adding new capabilities for turbulence modeling, combustion modeling, and nonreflecting boundary conditions. However, ATA has also developed numerous other modules which until now have remained internal. ATA hopes to foster growth and encourage collaboration within the Loci/CHEM community by releasing these modules as open-source software on GitHub. Through ATA’s GitHub page, Loci/CHEM users will be able to quickly obtain the latest versions, report issues, and request feature enhancements. Users will also be able to collaborate with ATA’s Loci development team to contribute new features through the tools provided by GitHub.