LiftShip – Simulating Ship Module Lifts and Turns with Femap

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LiftShip – Simulating Ship Module Lifts and Turns with Femap

See how FEA processes can be automated with the Femap API.

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Date(s) - December 16, 2021
8:00 am - 9:00 am


Construction of large ships often requires the lifting and turning of large subassembly modules. Because these lifts result in high structural loads – often through unintended load paths – shipyards must plan them carefully and conservatively. The National Shipbuilding Research Program (NSRP) has funded the LiftShip program to make lift and turn calculations more efficient and accurate. As part of this program, ATA Engineering, Inc. is developing a new set of tools, built using the Femap API, to automate the translation of ship geometry and metadata from ShipConstructor design software and the setup of module lift and turn analysis. This webinar will discuss how advancements in CAE process automation using Femap lower the investment costs for shipyards to simulate lift events, thereby allowing them to reduce risk to personnel and structures.

About the Speaker

  • Vicki Harris

    As ATA's lead engineer for machine learning, Ms. Harris has helped drive ATA's efforts to develop methods that incorporate new data analysis techniques into existing engineering workflows and processes, with a particular focus on integrating machine learning into finite element analysis. She also has experience customizing existing engineering software to automate tasks and improve efficiency. Ms. Harris has a strong background in structural analysis, including static and dynamic analysis of metallic and composite structures.

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