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Model checks, including pre-meshing checks, solver checks, and post-processing reviews, are an important part of verifying the accuracy of a finite element analysis by helping to reduce solution errors. This comprehensive presentation discusses pre-processor checks such as free edges, coincident nodes and elements, shell element normals, material directions, element offsets, and material property and mass checks, as well as how to use unit gravity, free-free modes, fixed modes, and unit thermal soak analyses to evaluate element quality, weight, grounding, restraint forces, rigid body modes, and modal effective mass fractions. The documentation is focused on Femap, NX, and Simcenter 3D with the Simcenter Nastran solver, although the concepts are applicable to most pre/post-processors and solvers.

In addition, pre-meshing philosophies, model documentation, and practical project recommendations and best practices are shared. The presentation concludes with solutions to common problems and sample model checking checklists.