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Siemens Releases Simcenter Femap 2021.1

Simcenter Femap 2021.1 has just been released, continuing the biannual schedule of feature releases each spring and fall. Users can visit the Support Center today to download the software and generate new license files.

Below, we recap the latest new enhancements and share video highlights from Siemens Digital Industries Software. In addition, ATA invites you to keep an eye out in early 2021 for a future webinar where we’ll dive into all the exciting new features in greater detail.

UI and Geometry Editing Enhancements

The new Overlap Repair option in the automatic midsurface command helps clean up areas where ribs come together, and Connect Automatic adds the ability to create connections using internal edges; also, users gain the ability to match colors using selected entities. In addition, entity selection is improved, especially for area and front picking, and the Geometry > Curve Centerline algorithm is enhanced to provide better performance for complex beamlike solids, including helical and swept shapes created along complex splines.

Femap 2020.2 introduced the ability to send data directly to Excel from many tools. Femap 2021.1 takes this one step further with new Connect to Excel functionality in the Function/Table Editor. When this feature is live, changes in Excel will automatically update back in the connected Femap table, or users can edit data and push a bulk update back upon completion.

Meshing Enhancements

The new Mesh Control Explorer pane is a new optional tool for managing mesh connectivity and propagating mapped meshing and mesh sizing across otherwise disconnected geometry. Curves and surfaces can be automatically paired, without major geometry manipulation like sewing or nonmanifold additions.

Mesh sizing and Surface Mesh commands within the Meshing Toolbox now automatically update throughout connected parts when used to update hex meshes.

Analysis Filtering and Solver Support

Analysis Filtering simplifies the UI by showing preferences related only to the solvers and solution types of interest. This release also adds enhanced support for dynamic design analysis method (DDAM) analysis with Simcenter Nastran and adds support for MSC Nastran Solution 400.