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Learn how the flexibility of value-based licensing can move your designs forward more quickly, with lower risk, and at an affordable cost.

Simcenter 3D is the most modern simulation environment available and serves as a finite element pre/post-processor with interfaces to most computer-aided design (CAD) and simulation solver tools, including Siemens’ proprietary simulation solvers as well as competitive solver options. By offering all of this within a consistent user interface, Simcenter 3D allows your team to reduce training time and increase staffing flexibility.

Further, Simcenter 3D Engineering Desktop leverages the CAD “DNA” of Siemens NX. Simcenter 3D offers what customers often describe as unrivaled geometry manipulation tools that can handle CAD data from any source, provide comprehensive meshing and modeling for multiple simulation applications, and deliver the unique capability to associate the CAE analysis model to the CAD design data. This helps you speed the tedious modeling process and keep analysis models in sync with the latest design, translating into a much faster CAE process than can be achieved with traditional CAE tools.

Another thing that sets Simcenter 3D apart is the rich array of modules and capabilities available for all types of simulations. Licensing all these capabilities would be beyond the means of most companies.


The good news is that this is changing with the availability of Simcenter 3D Value-Based Licensing, otherwise known as “tokens.” This flexible licensing model offers the real possibility that small, medium, and large engineering teams can now actually save money while greatly expanding the engineering tools at their disposal.

Join us to learn about Simcenter 3D Value-Based Licensing, which allows companies to purchase tokens that can be pooled among users to allow access to a wide array of Simcenter 3D modules that are very powerful but might not be needed every day by every user.

Presented by Scott Thibault of ATA Engineering and May Taylor of Siemens Digital Industries Software on June 5, 2020, this webinar briefly reviews what value-based licensing is, how tokens work, and what capabilities are available through the token system, which range from solver environments and Nastran add-on modules to Thermal, Flow, Acoustics, and more!


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