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Discover how the powerful features and capabilities within ATA’s Vibrata offer complete control for advanced dynamic analyses.

Vibrata is a comprehensive structural dynamics application from ATA Engineering that pairs with Femap to predict stress, deflection, and other responses to transient, harmonic, random, and response spectrum excitation. Vibrata uses the results of a finite element normal modes analysis to compute forced dynamic responses in the modal domain and lets users review the physical responses graphically for fast, efficient analyses. It uses its own database to store the normal and constraint mode inputs to the solvers and Femap to store, view, and interact with the finite element model and results data.

Vibrata’s unique features offer an outstanding combination of capability and versatility beyond what can be done directly within Femap or Nastran to quickly set up, solve, and understand a design’s response to dynamic excitations. A thoughtfully devised graphical user interface lets the user focus on the engineering physics rather than data input and management challenges and boosts productivity by streamlining repetitive tasks.

This webinar will give an overview of Vibrata and demonstrate random vibration and transient analyses to highlight the general workflow and easy-to-use GUI. Before or after the event, visit our website to learn more about Vibrata and request a free trial.

About the Speaker:

Laura Hoffman, Senior Project Engineer, ATA Engineering, Inc.

Laura Hoffman is an engineer in ATA’s Denver office with design and analysis expertise in structural dynamics and vibroacoustics. From breakout component models to full system analyses, she has extensive experience evaluating the dynamic response of aerospace structures, including planetary rovers, satellites, and launch vehicles.

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