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Leverage the newest features and enhancements in Femap 2020.1 to simplify your simulation workflow.

Simcenter Femap 2020.1 has recently been released, delivering a number of improvements and new features, from geometry and meshing to solver support and post-processing. This free webinar, originally presented by Jonathan Hill on January 8, 2020, demonstrates many of these updates, including:

  • New icons, improved entity color selection, and easier display of CBUSH coordinate systems
  • More robust blend removal, washer alignment options, and the introduction of Siemens’ Synchronous Technology during geometry editing
  • New options for sweeping along a mesh and using the Mesh > Connect > Rigid command, plus the introduction of a mesh interference check
  • Reassigned output vector IDs and the impact on existing models and APIs
  • Positive and negative iso-surface caps
  • Simcenter Nastran support for large IDs, monitor points, DMIG entries, and BOLTFRC cards

Join us to learn about these features and more.

Visit the GTAC website today to download Simcenter Femap 2020.1 and generate new license files.


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