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Unlock unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in your engineering projects with the latest advancements in Femap 2401.

From geometry and meshing to solver support and postprocessing, the newly released Simcenter Femap 2401 offers a variety of enhancements and impressive performance improvements. This 1-hour free webinar will highlight many of these exciting updates, including the following new capabilities:

  • Layup Builder: An innovative tool designed for the interactive creation of layups for finite element models (FEMs) using table control, offering an alternative workflow compared to the existing Layup Manager.
  • Sloshing Dynamic Analysis: A new approach to dynamic analysis with incompressible fluids, allowing for the explicit modeling of fluid mass and the computation of elastic modes influenced by the sloshing of a fluid free surface.
  • Abaqus Analysis Manager Enhancements: Enables Abaqus users to work in a more familiar environment when setting up an Abaqus analysis within Femap.
  • Femap Licensing Manager: Simplifies the process of managing Femap licenses by allowing users to initially set or switch licensing types directly within Femap, without the need to exit the application and run a batch file.

ATA Engineering is excited to welcome Andy Haines, Principal Applications Engineer and long-time member of the Simcenter Femap team at Siemens Digital Industries Software, for this webinar. Join us to learn additional details about these new features and more. You can visit the Support Center website today to download Simcenter Femap 2401 and generate new license files.

About the Speaker

  • Andy Haines

    Principal Applications Engineer, Siemens Digital Industries Software

    Mr. Haines became a member of the Femap development team in June 1998 and is currently a Principal Applications Engineer. Before joining Femap, he performed finite element analysis on satellite components for a large US Aerospace company. In over 25 years with Femap, he has been involved in a wide range of activities such as supporting sales engagements, participating in product planning, being the main team member performing manual testing, creating customized routines for customers using the Femap API, providing second-level customer support, teaching training classes for end users and value-added resellers, and at one time wrote 90% of Simcenter Femap’s end-user documentation. Andy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University.